Mastitis is caused by a blockage in the ducts of the breast. Osteopathic treatment may help mothers suffering from mastitis by decreasing the severity of symptoms and the duration of the inflammation.

When a milk duct becomes blocked, this causes a back up of pressure not only in the duct itself but also the lymphatic and venous fluid.  Some of the early symptoms of this blockage include: reddening, swelling and heat in the breast; or lumps and pain within the breast. The mother may also experience flu-like symptoms due to the backflow of milk.  If the blockage continues for too long, it may also become infected.

Osteopathic treatment for mastitis may improve lymphatic and venous drainage from the breast and normalise the nerve supply to the area. In most cases, this includes treatment of the spine, ribs, diaphragm and pectoral muscles, but every patient is assessed for their individual needs.

Osteopathic treatment may also help to prevent the recurrence of this debilitating condition. By helping to improve the consistent flow of the lymphatic and venous fluids, assisting the body to maintain a normal nerve supply to the area, there is less likelihood of the blockage reoccurring.

Osteopathic Treatment For Mastitis - A Case Study

For more information, we highly recommend the website for an osteopathic approach to common breastfeeding problems, including video tutorials for painless mastitis massage techniques. 

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