Elbow pain

Elbow pain is most commonly due to overuse/repetitive activities, such as gripping a tennis racquet, golf club, screwdriver, doorknob, cash register job or painting. Trauma, such as a fall or knock to the elbow, or arthritis can also cause pain.

Symptoms can include pain which is aggravated with grasping an object or using the wrist against resistance, a weaker grip, constant ache, especially at night or sharp pain on moving the elbow. If there is a trauma involved, there can be swelling or the elbow might look bent in the wrong way. Arthritis can also cause swelling and a grating noise in the elbow joint.

Osteopaths may help your elbow pain by:

  • treating the area with manual therapy as well as surrounding areas such as the wrist, shoulder, clavicle, upper back and neck
  • providing advice on wearing brace support/taping/ice protocol
  • a stretch/strengthening program to address the musculature imbalance
  • providing information and advice on taking anti-inflammatories
  • referring you to a GP for further investigation if needed.

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A. R. Stockard

Published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, September 2001, Vol. 101, 509-516.

This article attempts to provide an overview of golf injuries to the elbow, with a concentration on incidence, proper diagnosis, adequate treatment (including rehabilitation), and prevention strategies.