Digestive issues in babies

Osteopathic treatment can help improve gut symptoms such as constipation, vomiting and the pain from it. Other than changing feeding formulas or taking enemas, osteopathic treatment can help reduce the strains through the thorax, occiput, abdomen or pelvis which could result in an irritable bowel. By working on the gut, there is an associated calming benefit on the nervous system. There is also a reduction in inflammation and thus less pain.

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Pizzolorusso G, et.al

Published in Chiropractic and Manual Therapies 2011, 19:15

In a population of premature infants, osteopathic manipulative treatment showed to reduce a high occurrence of gastrointestinal symptoms and an excessive length of stay in the NICU. Randomized control studies are needed to generalize these results to a broad population of high risk newborns.