Dental issues

As a child grows, their face changes shape quite dramatically.  The position of the teeth is greatly affected by this change in shape of the head as well as by the way the child breathes.  If the child is able to breathe through their nose this allows the sinuses and jaw to develop in a better shape, which allows the teeth more room in the mouth.

Osteopathy may influence this process by decreasing any strain in the face, neck and throat, and allowing the sinuses to work as efficiently as possible.

Osteopathy can also improve the the range of movement of the jaw and the biomechanics of it

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Monaco A, Cozzolino V, Cattaneo R, Cutilli T, Spadaro A

Published in the Eur J Paediatr Dent Mar;9(1):37-42 2008

The results of this study suggest that OMT can induce changes in the stomatognathic dynamics, offering a valid support in the clinical approach to TMD. Multifactorial genesis of chronic disorders is also confirmed.