Babies & Children

A baby or an over-tired child can affect the whole family. If not treated properly, the unsettledness may go on. This stressful situation can be relieved as our paediatric-inclined osteopaths show time and time again.

Cranial osteopathy for babies

As a soothing, non-invasive* therapy, cranial osteopathy is particularly successful with babies. Being so young, it is commonly assumed that babies have no structural stresses or strains in their bodies. In fact, the inverse is often true. The birth experience can leave many babies with overt or underlying pain. And the stress of it can cause colic, difficulty feeding, sleep problems and other issues.

Treatment experience for babies

Babies are usually comfortable lying on the treatment table as the osteopath works, applying light pressure specifically to areas where the body can release stress and tension. There are other positions your baby can be placed in for treatment as well (feeding position, etc.) Your practitioner may discuss these options with you.

Conditions for babies we commonly work with:




Cranial osteopathy for toddlers and children

It's never too early (or late) to treat a child with osteopathy – the younger the better.

Treatment experience for children

Like with babies, the process is very gentle and relaxing for children. Visit our home page to watch a video showing a child being treated at our clinic for a cold.

Conditions for children we commonly work with:

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A child’s or baby’s reaction after treatment

Reactions to treatment depends on each case, but usually the baby or child is relaxed afterwards and sleeps well. Some may feel energetic after treatment, often followed by a good night sleep. On the odd occasion, they are unsettled - but this usually clears within 24-48 hours.

*Osteopathic treatment is non-invasive except for the use of intra-oral technique to check the tongue movement. Even then, it is a gentle treatment that does not use much force.

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