Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders

ADHD -  attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder

Osteopathy is a natural complementary therapy option for children suffering from ADHD.  ADHD is characterized by the coexistence of attention problems and impulsivity and hyperactivity. Treatment can increase selective and sustained attention in children with ADHD. This is achieved by reducing the strain on the musculo-skeletal system, leading to a reduction of input to the nervous system, thus calming the child down.  There is also a normalization of the blood supply to the brain itself.

These children may also require treatment of their gastro-intestinal system as this is the second largest concentration of nerves outside the brain.  Osteopathic treatment of the pelvis, ribs and spine can decrease any strain through the abdomen and improve nerve and blood supply to the intestinal tract.

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Research :

Accorsi A, Lucci C, Di Mattia L, Granchelli C, Barlafante G, Fini F, Pizzolorusso G, Cerritelli F, Pincherle M

Published in the J Am Osteopath Assoc May;114(5):374-81 2014

Participants who received OMTh had greater improvement in Biancardi-Stroppa Test scores than participants who received conventional care only, suggesting that OMTh can potentially increase performances of selective and sustained attention in children with ADHD. To confirm these findings, studies of larger and more diverse populations are warranted.