Who We Treat

Our practitioners work in the Cranial Field of Osteopathy. This means we use very subtle balancing techniques - rather than heavy massage or quick forceful movements.

We can treat anyone who is looking for a natural treatment for health problems. For more information on the range of common conditions, see: What we treat.

Osteopaths treat a borad range of musculoskeletal condition, from babies to adults. Please call if you cannot see your condition here.


Try theses Back Stretches.

Flexion stretch 

Lie on back with head on floor, pull one knee to chest and hold for a few seconds; repeat with other leg; repeat.

Back extension 
Lie face down with hands on floor, under shoulders. Straighten arms to push top half of body upwards; hold for a few seconds and feel stretch in lower back; slowly return to floor; repeat.

Flexion stretch 2 
Start on all fours, then bend knees and lower buttocks to heels, and hold for a few seconds; repeat.

Back stabilisation 
Start on all fours and, with flat back and straight neck, stretch out left arm and right leg simultaneously and hold for a few seconds; repeat with right arm and left leg extended; repeat.

Do not continue with exercises if you feel pain.


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